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HGV Driver Instruction / Car Lessons / Forklift Training

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ND Training Services offers Training and Certification in a range of forklift applications including Counterbalance, Reach Truck, Sideloader and Combilift.


•Five day Beginners Course - for novice drivers or drivers with little experience.


•One to two day Experienced Operators Course - for drivers with no previous training or certificate.


•One day Re-Certification Course - for certified drivers whose certification requires renewal.


•One day Forklift Conversion Course - for experienced certified drivers to convert to another forklift type e.g a counterbalance from a reach truck.


•Motorized Power Pallet Truck Course - this course takes half a day with a maximum of six trainees.

The length of the course may vary according to the number of trainees.


All courses involve a Theory and Practical Session followed by a written assessment and driving test.


ND Training Services provides training and certification in a range of forklift applications. Training can be carried out on your premises, countrywide, or at our Training centre.


Contact us on 0404 64714 /086 3800842 or by email to ndtrainingservices@eircom.net to discuss your training needs, pricing and scheduling.


ND Training Services is a Registered Forklift Instructor with the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management(IIPMM)